Online voting via will close at 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 15th. At 6:00 we will begin our special overtime voting period at Wiregrass Commons Mall Center Court.

  • To avoid a group of individuals trying to be the last one to cast their vote, and to ensure that no one will be denied the opportunity to vote, we will have an “overtime period.” In order to prevent standing in line all night while each person votes for $1.00, and then moves to the back of the line to vote again, we will have rounds of voting with increasing minimum amounts.

  • At 6:00 p.m. we will cordon off the area surrounding anyone competing for one of the top 13 positions (dollar votes) and no one else may join the line or vote.

  • Each person in line will be allowed to vote a minimum of $25.00 for any and all entries they wish. At the end of the round they must either leave the cordoned area or go to the back of the line for the next round.

  • Once you leave the cordoned area, you may not rejoin the line or vote again.

  • If you stay for the next round you must vote at least the new minimum amount which will go up an additional $25.00 per round. Round 2 = $50.00 minimum. Round 3 = $75.00 minimum.

  • After each round, the leader board will be posted after all persons in line have cast their votes.

  • The overtime period will continue until no one is left in line to vote.