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Adoption Process
Items in RED are new for COVID-19 social distancing

Our main goal as an organization is to match animals in need with individuals or families who will love that animal. To do this, we have instituted some policies to ensure the best chance for a successful adoption. Follow these steps to find a new member of the family.

  • Select the ADOPTABLE tab and view our animals available for adoption so that your time inside the shelter can be minimized.

  • The process begins with the adoption application. You can fill in the PDF form (right), save, and email it to us at, or print it out and bring it in to the shelter. You may also get a copy when you visit the shelter.

  • Completely fill out the adoption form with as much detail as possible. This will help the shelter manager know which animal will be the best fit for you. 

  • We don't do same-day adoptions at our facility. This is to ensure you have time to make the best decision for you and the potential new family member and to give us time to update any preventatives and recheck for all vaccinations before the pet goes home to his or her new family.

  • If you have pets already, we will schedule a "meet and greet" so they can meet your prospective new family member before we finalize your adoption. 

  • If you meet and fall in love with an animal, our manager will carefully review your application. We will call personal references, vet references, and landlords, and when the application is approved, we will usually be able to notify you by the next day to arrange a time for you to come and pick up your new family member.

  • There is a limit of FOUR potential adopters in the building at one time. If there are already four in the shelter, you will be asked to wait in your car and someone will come get you when you may enter.

  • We have procedures in place to make sure everything is sanitized and our staff will wear masks and maintain a safe distance.

  • We ask that potential adopters wear masks and follow all safety measures.


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