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Unfortunately, we are often full due to the large number of animals without homes and the limited space available to us, but we have a system in place to try to help as many animals as possible. If you need to surrender an animal, there are several steps to the process.

  • Email us ( with a photo, name, age, temperament, and any vetting or other information you have on the pet.

  • We will respond to let you know your information has been received, and you will be added to our waiting list. The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to know if we have room for that pet’s size and needs.

  • We will get back in touch with you to give you a timeline of when we will be able to accept the animal.

  • If you need to surrender kittens or puppies, we need them to be close to three months old. Kittens need to be four pounds. This is because we spay or neuter all our animals, and young animals need to be close to the weight and/or age to be spayed or neutered before entering the shelter.

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