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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you in charge of stray animals, dangerous animals, or animal neglect cases?


Anyone who lives in the city of Dothan should call animal control for all stray issues, animal neglect reports, or other animal issues. Their number is (334) 793-0215. If you live in the surrounding counties, you need to call your local sheriff or law enforcement officials. We are a private shelter, and we are not equipped to deal with legal issues.

Why does the WHS require an animal to be spayed or neutered before being adopted?

There are too many dogs and cats in the U.S to find homes for all of them. There are 100 million cats and dogs in the U.S. and 2,000 to 3,000 more are born each day. That means there are six pets for every human being in the country which means there are too many pets for them to all have a home. Because of this, animals are abandoned and in danger. They have to search for food and shelter, and are in danger from predators and diseases such as rabies. To lower these horrible statistics, we require all of our animals to be spayed or neutered before being adopted.


Do you offer veterinarian services at WHS?


We do not have a veterinarian on staff, so we do not offer any services including spaying or neutering personal pets.


How do I surrender an animal to the shelter?


Unfortunately, we are often full due to the large number of animals without homes and the limited space available to us. If you need to surrender an animal, there are several steps to the process.

  • Email us ( with a photo, name, age, temperament, and any vetting or other information you have on the pet.

  • We will respond to let you know your information has been received, and you will be added to our waiting list. The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to know if we have room for that pet’s size and needs.

  • We will get back in touch with you to give you a timeline of when we will be able to accept the animal.

  • If you need to surrender kittens or puppies, we need them to be close to three months old. Kittens need to be four pounds. This is because we spay or neuter all our animals, and young animals need to be close to the weight and/or age to be spayed or neutered before entering the shelter.


What are the adoption fees?


All our adoptions provide you with a new family member who has been spayed or neutered as well as being up to date on all vaccinations and currently on flea and tick medication. Dogs will also be on heart worm preventative. Every animal is also micro-chipped for identification. We also feel people value what they pay for. We want our adopters to seriously consider the responsibility they are assuming when they add a pet to their household. The expenses involved in owning a pet will not end with the adoption fee, and we want our adopters to be financially able to give their pet the good care that pet deserves.

  • Dog Adoptions: $150

  • Cat Adoptions: $95


How does the application process work?


We don't do same-day adoptions at our facility. This is to ensure you have time to make the best decision for you and the potential new family member and to give us time to update any preventatives and recheck for all vaccinations before the pet goes home to his or her new family. If you meet and fall in love with an animal, please completely fill out an application for our manager to review. This form is also available to download under the "Adoptable" section on the home page.We will call personal references, vet references, and landlords, and when the application is approved, we will usually be able to notify you by the next day to arrange a time for you to come and get your new family member. If you are adopting a dog, we also require you  bring your current dog(dogs) for a meet and greet to assure the animals are compatible. We are not able to hold a pet. We do not want our animals to miss out on being adopted  by another family because that animal was on a hold that did not end in an adoption.

Can I volunteer to help?


We love volunteers! Please let us know the day before you plan to volunteer, so we can have you on the calendar and so we can ensure there are no conflicts with our schedule. Volunteers under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult. You will be asked to fill out a volunteer form during your first visit or go to the "Get Involved" section of the website and choose "Volunteer" to access the form and more information.

Can I do community service at the shelter?


You may also do community service hours at the shelter, but please call and arrange this in advance.

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